Health and Safety Training



 Safe Pass is a one-day safety awareness programme aimed at general construction workers, craft workers and “on site” security personnel in the construction industry.  The aim is to raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry, prevention of accidents and ill health while working on the site and maintain a register of personnel who have received training 

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Signing, Lighting & Guarding


 The aim of the Signing, Lighting and Guarding course is to enables delegates to safely plan, organise, direct, control and manage the safe free flow of traffic through roadworks in accordance with Chapter 8 Road Traffic Signs Manual, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. 

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Confined Space Training


 The aim of this course is to provide all course candidates with an awareness of the legislation and hazards relating to confined space operations. This is aimed at all managers supervisors and operatives who may need to enter or supervise the entry of confined spaces 

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Manual Handling


The manual handling course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to conduct all manual handling activities in a manner that will prevent injury.  

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Traffic Management Design


The Traffic Management Design Course will provide you, the learner with the knowledge and skills to assist you in making decisions about the manner in which you will plan a "Safe Place to Work" for workers, members of the public and others including motorists. 


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IPAF approved training centre logo

Salus Training services is an approved IPAF training centre. Providing various IPAF course categories including 3a, 3b, 1b, demonstrators and load and unload.

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 The aim of the Location of Underground course is to ensure that operators become competent in the safe use of Underground detection cable locator equipment .  

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Chainsaw Awareness


 Aimed towards individuals who use Chainsaws, it provides delegates with necessary skills for the Safe Use of Chainsaws in variety of environments and industries. 

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Working at Heights


 This course is designed to provide the course participants with the appropriate knowledge with the hazards and dangers of working at height with Safety Harnesses. 

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Lorry Mounted Crane


 To give you sufficient training in order to reach the required standard of ‘Theoretical Knowledge’ and ‘Practical Skills’. To enable you to operate a Lorry Loader safely and efficiently. To achieve certification as evidence of competence 

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The aim of the course is to ensure that operators become competent in the safe use of MEWP’s by gaining the necessary skills and knowledge when operating a MEWP.

To provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to operate the MEWP in a competent and safe manner.

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Advanced Underground Protection


 The course is a step above the existing LUGS.  The course introduces participants the use of the CAT 4 and its Signal Generator, Ground Probing Radar, Soil Pick, Hand Held GPR,  Magnetometer and Vacuum Excavation. This course was the winner of the Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee award for Innovation in Safety Products and Services 2018

Sales & Management Courses

Behaviour Based Safety



Introduction to Behavior Based Safety
Total Safety Culture, Enforcement, Behavioral Safety Principles, Positive & Negative
Reinforcement, Positive & Constructive Feedback, Setting Goals, Management & Leadership.
Assessment: Group Activities & Quiz
 Duration: 1 Day
 Suitable for Staff, Supervisors and Management that want to establish a total safety culture within their organisation
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Life Skills & Employment


Life Skills & Employment is 

Suitable for any person seeking employment or looking for new opportunities.

Improve for communication and presentation skills.

Enhance your Interview and C.V writing skills.

Understand Human Communication and Body language

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Inbound - Outbound Sales Experience


Training courses provide the learner with an understanding of  inbound sales strategy in a sales and marketing environment.

Customer Service Agents, Inbound Sales Agents, Call Center Staff, Inbound Sales and Marketing Staff, Sales and Marketing Managers,

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